Fuel your workout with
strauss + crossfit® Training

Because a healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy diet.


As part of a multi-year collaboration,
Strauss has partnered with CrossFit, Inc to curate a special
CrossFitTM approved box filled with grass fed and finished, all natural, lean proteins
tailored to meet the demands of CrossFit® athletes.

2 Brands + shared values

Strauss’ mission is to educate consumers on the health benefits of our better-for-you grass fed and finished protein while making our products more widely accessible nationwide.

CrossFit Inc. is the perfect partner to spread this message. CrossFit® training goes beyond a workout, promoting a community that focuses on healthy lifestyle choices.

CrossfitTM Subscripton box

Subscripton Product

The crossfitTM box


What’s in it?

  • (10) 6oz pieces of Chicken Breasts
  • (3) lbs of Grass fed Ground Beef
  • (4) 5oz Grass fed Tenderloin Filets
  • (4) 10oz Grass fed Ribeye Steaks
  • (4) 10oz Grass fed Strip Steaks
  • (2) 6oz Grass fed Sirloin Steaks
  • (1) Package of Grass fed Beef Sticks

Beef is American Grass-Fed and Finished. Our chicken is cage-free and vegetarian fed - no grain. Lower in total fat, calories and cholesterol. From agriculturally sustainable family farms in the USA only. Rich in iron, Vitamins A, B, D, E and Omega 3’s.

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"When selecting clean protein, athletes need to go beyond labels and inform themselves on the health of the animal it is sourced from. Much like CrossFit Inc., Strauss recognizes diet as the foundational key to optimal health, which is why we start and finish our cattle on pasture grass.

Our cattle are raised as nature intended - free of antibiotics and growth-promoting hormones on open pastures for the duration of their lives. The result is a protein that’s better for the animal’s health and the health of the people who consume it.

We are proud to embark on this partnership and look forward to growing together in years to come."

Randy straussStrauss Brands CEO, and Co-President

"I gave up beef a long time ago (like 13 YEARS ago) literally due to the way the cattle are treated and what the animals are being fed. I saw the Strauss label at my local store a few months back so I went to their website, did some research and decided to start eating beef again. This is so awesome to see them partnering with CrossFit!"

Jared D, Chicago

"This is cool. I'm an avid consumer of beef. It's cool to see someone take the high road (also the expensive road) and see it pay off."

Dave H, New York City

"Couldn't think of a more perfect fit. With nutrition at the base of the @CrossFit pyramid, it's a no brainer to partner with a high quality food provider. Let your $ talk and support companies such as @straussdirect that emphasize providing the most nutritious food product to it's consumers. This podcast will only enhance your feelings towards @straussmeats as you will realize Randy's genuine approach to sustainable agriculture. #FueledbyStrauss"

Ron, Kansas


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