Veal Chorizo

1LB Free Raised Veal Chorizo 


Made from 100% humanely raised veal, our non-pork chorizo is flavored with a generous dose of garlic, smoked paprika, onion, Mexican oregano, dried chile powders and packed without casings.

Cooked over a low flame, the sausage caramelizes beautifully, casting off a generous amount of savory, lightly spicy fat. Learn more about our Veal Program here:

More Information
More Information Our pre-certified network of family farmers and ranchers believe calves should be raised as nature intended—with unlimited access to mother’s milk, free of antibiotics and growth hormones and always free to roam on natural open pastures alongside mother and herd. Our free-range veal calves never experience the stresses of industrial farming. The natural, rich color of Strauss Free Raised® Veal is your assurance of our commitment to produce authentic, historical veal.
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