Let's talk sustainability

Thanks for visiting Strauss Direct – we're happy to have you here. Our family's goal has always been to provide great tasting beef you can feel good about putting on your family's table. However, we don't feel it's enough to only put out a great tasting product. We strive to do things the right way, making choices that benefit not only our customers, but also our environment and cattle.

We believe it starts with American farmers - no one is more important when it comes to tending to the land. Our family farmers raise their cattle at nature's pace. They let the cattle graze on open pastures, doing their part to protect our fragile ecosystem of the prairies and grasslands. Strauss farmers believe as we do – if we take care of the land, the land will take care of our cattle.

And because our farmers do not rely on chemical fertilizers and fossil fuels to produce bumper crops, they greatly reduce the opportunity for dangerous erosion and runoff into our lakes, rivers and waterways.

We believe that sustainable agricultural practices are the future, but to accomplish our goals, we must support the family farmers and ranchers whose livelihood depends on it. Your choice in beef matters. By choosing American-raised, your purchase can help change the industry by supporting American farmers who are doing the right thing for our animals and our Earth.

Won't you join us?

Randy & Tim Strauss3rd generation owners

Our valued national partners

Our family has teamed up with the following partners to build a better future
and preserve two of our planet’s most vital resources: water and land.

American prairie reserve

American prairie reserve(Land Management)

Acknowledging pasture-based land management as the building block for the future of sustainable agriculture, Strauss will support this organization that seeks to protect the endangered natural resources of our remaining native prairie grasslands and the efforts to repopulate a naturally-balanced wildlife ecosystem, without negative impact to ranching.

Michael fields agricultural institute

Michael fields agricultural institute(Water Management)

The Michael Fields Agricultural Institute, a non-profit organization studies and promotes sustainable agricultural techniques that protect the quality of our water through ecologically resilient food and farming systems such as sustainably managed pasture grazing.

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